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R is an open source interpreted programming language for statistical computing and graphical visualization. R is widely used for data mining, statistical software, and data analysis.

This 100-hour classroom course introduces the students with fundamentals and advanced level of R programming, right from data types, vectors, matrices, controls, loops, functions, packages, importing data, visualization, to packages like - dplyr, caret, tidyr, stringr, ggplot2, shiny. Once, students are conversant with R, a detailed study of data science which includes data mining & machine learning, starts using R. Machine Learning covers the linear & generalized linear models, KNN, Naïve Bayes, Tree based models, SVM, K-means, Association rule, performance measures, dimension reduction techniques, randomization, cross validation, bootstrapping, ROC & AUC, and confusion matrix. 

This course prepares one on the practical applications of Machine Learning algorithms & techniques using R. Students can start solving the real-world problems.

  • Project Work
  • Installing R studio, programming basics, features, data types, vectors, matrices, controls, loops, and functions
  • Packages:

                + Importing data from excel, web & databases

                + Data pre-processing – Missingness, outliers, errors

                + Manipulating data - Imputing

                + Visualization & spatial packages

                + Modelling data using various data mining algorithms 

                + Report & result – R markdown, shiny

                + Timeseries & financial data – zoo, xts, quantmod

                +Project using R and Machine Learning concepts

  • Basic knowledge of Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and Probability.
  • Knowledge of basics of programming

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Our Testimonials

Ravi MSR

I passed PgMP exam on 12th June 2018. I contacted #AddOnSkills for help. Their Question-Answer sessions clarified many of the concepts. Those sessions were really helpful to get enough boost to face the exam with confidence. Continuous support to clarify any doubts via WhatsApp group, and skype sessions were available all time.

Sreenivasan Dakshinamoorthy

The training conducted by Addon Skills trainers Sanjay Q and Kailesh U was very effective because of the in-depth knowledge on Program Management domains by the trainers. This training and the post training follow-up was a unique experience that they are ensuring all the trainees are acquiring adequate knowledge about the subject matter. Also they help to go through the exam preparation period till the day of exam by Q&A sessions, problem solving sessions, etc. The most commentable thing about them is, they are available to clear your doubts 24×7. I wish Addon Skills a great future and thereby to make many aspirant project managers achieve their skills.

Chirag Kapadia

I have attended Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) certification training from Addon Skills and Mr. Kailash Upadhyay delivered the training. I must say the training made every concept cleared. Not just the training but the mock test and post-training Videos from Addon Skills really helped in this certification journey. The best part of engaging with Addon Skills is the “Telegram” group access where aspiring professionals discuss their doubts and clarifies their assumptions about the concept. I am thankful to Addon skills for the training as this was a major contributor in achieving this certification and becoming one of the first 900 PfMP certified professionals in the world.

Nirav Dani

Kailash Upadhyay is a subject matter expert of PgMP and he has in-depth knowledge & practical experience about this subject. His helping nature is the best; he keeps in touch with you post your training and certification. His LinkedIn posts, Telegram group are indeed helpful for knowledge enhancement

Tom Jose

It was very good experience, was an eye opener

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